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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 13, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> we are at a fire station. firefighters are thinking not if but weapon the next call will come up. there were three fires yesterday in this spree. the person who lives next to a home used a fire hose. a portable building at a church was set on fire, the second time one has been set there and there was a fire at a mobile home park. residents are nervous. >> you see someone that should not be there, acting suspicious, going into the drives, no one they should not be there, that is something to report. here is a hand out around san jose, including a sketch of what the suspect possibly looks like. they used surveillance video to come up with this sketch. they have video showing a man pacing outside a home that later was set on fire. they are offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can lead
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police to this arsonist. a home is a total loss after a fire raced through it last night at 10:00. crews have been there all night to make sure it does not flare-up. two people who live at the home were running from out of town as it was on fire. a gas main fueled the flames making it more difficult to put out. >> the 49ers are a win away from return trip to the super bowl with only the seattle seahawks standing in their way meeting in seattle on sunday at 3:30 for the title game. the 49ers advance after knocking off the panthers yesterday 23-10. davis has kept both feet inside the lines on this touchdown pass from kaepernick and dozens of fans gave the 49ers a warm welcome when they returned home. they got a special treat from the head coach.
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now to 49ers headquarters. >> after the 49ers arrived at headquarters in santa clara, the head coach harbaugh greeted the fans. >> coach, are you? >> great. fantastic. >> he took pictures and signed autographs for anyone who asked. >> i got harbaugh's signature. >> he is cool. three is doing all the kids first. that is a good man. >> harbaugh was the main attraction, fans cheered on the players and many wore their sunday best. >> heavy? >> very, very life. >> a long but exciting day. in the morning they gathered at the favorite views spot to watch them beat panthers. now they head to the third nfc championship game in a row. >> we are hot. >> fans do not seen daunted by the opponent, facing the sea
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hawks in seattle. >> seattle is tough. we are tougher. >> they are smart. they are strong. we will do it. all the wait a minute. >> if they do the fans will be here next week to welcome home the 49ers at champions. >> tickets for the championship game go on sale this morning and there is controversy. the saw hawks are blocking sales to fans in california saying tickets are only available to people with billing addresses in washington, oregan, idaho, alaska, hawaii, and part of canada but not california. fans would live in other areas have to buy through secondary vendors, the broncos are doing the same thing giving tickets only to fans in the rocky mountain areas. there are options, we compared prices on several websites, and
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the ticket exchange has tickets starting at $426. on stub hub they start at $466. on ticketmaster, v.i.p., they start at $474 which includes hotel and rental car discounts and gift card for the merchandise so you can be decked out in red and gold for the game. as the 49ers are a step closer to the super bowl the fans are showing their playoff pride. talk about double pride, these two are showing off with a little flare and check out this guy, looking like he is ready to take a snap. e-mail us your photos to or post them on our face book page or feet them. caltran is expected to spend $10 million this year to keep an eye on the questionable belts holding the new span of 9 bay
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bridge. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that transportation insiders say the $10 million price tag could be just the beginning. the bolt problem first surfaced in march when 32 bolts cracked and it cost $25 million to fix the problem and get the new span open by labor day. caltran is trying to assess whether the thousands of other readies could be defective and need repairs. >> for the second time in less than a week foster farm suspended operations at a chicken plant over cockroaches. they closed the plant yesterday after re-opening the facility in livingston. first shut down on wednesday after a cockroach infestation raised concerns of food safety. the company says the cloture will last only a few days and is done to make sure it does not happen again. production is shifted to the other central valley plants. in san francisco, police are investigating a shooting involving an off-duty officer yesterday morning at a chevron
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station. a police sergeant fired in self-defense when a driver punched her following a fender bender on interstate 280. an off-duty firefighter who witnessed the accident followed the two cars to the gas station and says the other driver punched the sergeant before she shot him. the wounded driver is expected to be okay. an 82-year-old man is in serious condition after being hit by a car in millbrae after 5:30 yesterday evening. the san mateo county sheriff says that the man was in the crosswalk when the car hit him. the driver stayed at the seen and was not cited or arrested. >> a church pastor is under arrest accused of fire bombing a home where six people were sleeping. the home owner had a restraining order against the pastor for harassment. three others were arrested for arson. the three were living at the
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fellowship baptist church where he was pastor. >> parts of the country are warming up after the deep freeze but it is bringing new trouble. massive flood waters triggered by rain and momenting snow or forcing rescues from pennsylvania to rain and in western new york backyards and basements and roads look like swimming pools and rescuers had to use inflatable boats and a bulldozetory get to those trapped. >> we have live here for 20 years and never seen the water this high. >> winds blew in toppling the construction project knocking down trees and taking down power lines. so new power outages for tens of thousands this morning, and ice jam in ohio caused a river to overflow and in chicago, residents have to take cover from falling ice smashing on sidewalks. >> we continue to see the mild weather across the country and here. >> we more stable than everyone
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else but that is not good. we are so dry we will now have record high temperatures and more dry air and the possibility of poor air quality and here is the day planner: we are off to a mild start with a lot of us in the low-to-mid 40's spring boarding us under a blue sky to upper 50's to near 60 at lunch time with the temperatures comfortable. in the low-to-mid 60's the better part of the afternoon and warm than yesterday and breezes will start to pick up in the evening and that will keep our temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's. the breezes will taper tomorrow but not before fire weather concerns tonight through tomorrow morning in the north bay and record highs are possible by tomorrow and wednesday we have poor air quality and both of them, record highs and poor air quality thursday and the 70's away from the coast and the coast is in the mid-to-upper 60's. we will talk to layingly about the morning commute. >> i will talk about mass
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transit, with capital corridor 548 and 541 are canceled. bus service is provided between today and wednesday. keep that in mind if you take capital corridor. if you are taking to the cars and you traveling through marin, southbound 101 at 580 a report of a deer in the lane. there will be a traffic break. in the summit along highway 17, southbound side, a solo vehicle spinout. no fog. no mist. in in the turnout, that is where the car is pushed over. the northbound side has a bit of volume to the lexington reservoir. now, this is san mateo bridge traveling between hayward and foster city in the westbound direction it will take you 12 minutes and eastbound traffic
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the headlights are coming to us and it is empty at this hour. >> the political firestorm involving new jersey governor chris christie will take another turn. bridge-gate is raising new questions about super storm sandy. >> the big winners at the golden globe and what does it tell us about the [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> new jersey governor chris christiecy is if more hot weather, as official officials investigate whether three improperly used super storm sandy relief funds to produce tourism ads starring his family.
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our news sources say legislative we subpoenas could be served to aides today. he fired the top aid who gave the go ahead to shut down lanes to the george washington bridge and cut ties with one of the top campaign advisors. christie denies any prior knowledge of the closure. >> judgment, vice president biden represents the united states and spoke at a memorial ceremony for sharon today. the former prime minister died on saturday after eight days if a coma after a stroke. he was remembered as a fearless warrior and bold leader of israel. he was 85. >> a southwest airlines jet that land at the wrong airport in missouri could take off this morning despite the airport's short runway. the ntsb arriving this morning near branson after the pilot landed at a local county airport rather than the commercial airport seven miles away. this runway is half the length of the commercial airport runway and passengers say the pilot had to break hard to prevent the plane from go over a cliff. >> we landed and we stopped
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abruptly and no one knew what was going on and they said a couple of minutes later that we had been -- we land at wrong airport the we were lucky considering this was a cliff at the end of the runway. 129 people were on board. southwest brought in crews to take of 9 passengers anding what acknowledge, the second time in less than two months that a large jet landed at the wrong airport. >> con artist movie "american hustle," was a big wish at the golden globe awards last night. we learn about the big winners. >> a big golden globe win for general for lawrence as best supporting actress. >> why know why i am so scared. "american hustle." >> it won best motion picture, comedy or musical.
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and the actress won best actress. best tv series drama went to..."breaking bad." with cranston taking home best actor. >> a lovely way to say goodbye. tina fey got a lot of laughs. "gravity," how george clooney would rather go into space and die than spend a minute with a woman her own age. >> i never win. >> the brand new series "brooklyn 99," won best tv comedy. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> best actor in comedy. and kate won best actress and matthew mcconnell --
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>> the best movie is "12 years a slave." >> 9 oscars are in march on abc. this morning, the entertainment network is apology ing for list tinge michael j. foxx has a "fund factor when a graphic popped up noting his diagnosis in 1991. the 52-year-old was nominated for best actor for the new show and the network regretted the insensitive remark. >> many considered this a dress rehearsal for the academy award with the oscar announced on thursday at 5:30 and we will bring it to you on the morning news with the oscars airing sunday, march 2nd, right here,
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on abc7 news. >> many will consider our weather award winning but we know how much we need the rain. aexactly. record setting temperatures, but we will look and show you what is happening in the mountains. from kirkwood, they had 4" of snow, and it was groomed beautifully and you can see it was easy to ski and amy was up there, and said the slopes were pretty empty and the snow that was up there was very skiable because 4 itch goal across the board over the weekend. congratulations this. they would rather have 3' or 4' but they got 3" or 4". >> live doppler 7 hd shows clear of clouds. the air is so dry and it will get more dry with your skin in general will be dry. be ready for that setting the stage if the record high temperatures we will deal with.
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49 in san rafael. look at napa at 53, and california story at 57 and breezes are bringing us microclimates in the north bay and low 40's in novato and mill valley to mid-40's around american canyon and mid-to-upper 30's for petaluma and guerneville. we have 47 in alameda, san carlos, 44 for you, 50 in redwood city, and near that in san jose and 56 in san ramon, and lafayette in the mid-to-upper 40's. from the east bay hills, you can see the twinkling lightens that high pressure is returning and dominates the weather bringing poor air quality tuesday there friday and this weekend we have a wind shift with temperatures cooler, still above average but it looks like the system will bring us the wind shift will lose all of the wet weather right before it gets to the bay area. today, mid-to-upper six and oak hand is a warm spot at 68 and concord and live more at 66, and
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napa and santa rosa 68, and half moon bay is at least 60 degrees today. lows tonight are up again in the 40's in most areas and we have the fire weather watch up in the north bay mountains from 10:00 tonight through 10:00 tomorrow morning. it is breezy up there, and very dry. you can see two areas of high pressure dominating our weather and we will see what it does to the seven-day forecast. 70 degree weather away from the coast and some areas could see seven while the rest of us will see it and wednesday, thursday, friday is a pull back and you can see saturday and sunday looking cloudy and cooler. have a great day. >> amber alert awareness day today and since it was if place it has triggered 218 times and resulting in the safe returns of 255 children and could not be done without the help of everyone making their phone calls and calling into the police departments and c.h.p.
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it is a good thing. we will celebrate it today. in san jose, we have construction along northbound at 680 from 280 lanes are blocked until 6:00 and southbound traffic the construction project was there has cleared. at look at drive time traffic 580 from tracy to dublin is 26 minutes and highway 85 northbound from 101 to cupertino is five minutes and outside in the east bay walnut creek from concord to mosten hill and to the interstate with junction 24 that is looking clear and it will only take you nine minutes. >> coming up, a bay area cheerleader is looking for a little help to get to 9 championships. >> keep your mind sharp as ever as you grow older and why you
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>> good morning, here is a look from the use 7 roof camera and a beautiful morning, more dry, mild weather for the bay area and mike nicco will have the forecast coming up. >> more news, the cheerleaders at the high school are rallying your support. >> can you tell they are cheerleaders? they need to raise $5,000 to travel to the national championship in late march. they say cheering is a safety net from the tough streets of oakland. >> they are like an anchor. a hook. a hook to pull us out and gives us a chance to be normal teens dealing with the outside drama and violence. >> it will be special for the seniors. it will be special for those on the squad if four years. >> if you want to help the young ladies reach their goal you can checks to the high school in
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oakland and make sure the envelope says "attention cheerleading squad." >> attention weather department we need rain. mike? >> that would be good. the seven-day forecast shows snow, too, and check it out. that is what we are dealing with in tahoe when we are getting record high temperatures they will be doing more of the same. we will talk about what will happen around here today with 24 hour temperature change that will be around we...six degrees warmer, fur to six degrees warmer, a lost mid-to-upper 60's out there. as far as wall happen across the state, you can see a few clouds are encroaching and that is it, with high pressure, and the sinking air eats away at the clouds. near 80 in los angeles, and mid-to-upper 60's from monterey through the central valley and tahoe and yosemite in the low-to-mid 50's. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> 30 bart trains are running on
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time, and ace train run is on time but capital corridor train are going attorney -- going to be canceled because of track record to jack london square. bus service will be in place. across our roads, we have a construction project in the country stages of it is 11 minutes across the dumbarton bridge. 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco, wide open at this hour. >> we know it is winter so this is inbound. gas prices spiked eight cents higher over the past they weeks according to the nationwide survey with the national average for a gallon of regular is $3
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why 35. california drivers pay 30 cents more nearly. the lowest price in the state is in sacramento at $3.47. san diego has the highest but the most expensive is in long island, new york, where drives pay a penny more $3.67 a gallon. >> lawyers for new york yankees infielder rodriguez will filed a new lawsuit today that challenges the 162-game suspension resulting from arbitration hearing. he was originally given a 211-game suspension if the association to a company which supplied banned substances to several major league players. an arbitrator cut the suspension to 162 games which means he will miss the entire season and 25 million in salary. rodriguez says he is confident that the arbitrator's ruling will be overturned. >> former nba star dennis rodman is in beijing on the way home
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from north korea after annexes big -- after an exhibition basketball game. >> i am sorry about all the people. i am not the president. i am not an ambassador. i am dennis individual, -- dennis rodman, individual. >> he plans to return in a month for another game of basketball. >> as you age you may want to exercise. your brain. a study shows participants who did a brain training solving puzzles and other forms of mental exercise slow their mental decline. people who exercise their brains regularly had lets difficulty doing regular tasks and performed better on cognitive tests. >> fear leads to action as the south bay arsonist strikes again.
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we have the sketch. and protection offered to homeowners. >> the 49ers are a win away to getting back to the super bowl and fans are selling the saw hawks, "bring it on." >> and san francisco supervisors want to make soft drinks more ♪ [ birds chirping, twinkling noises ]
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